Security Modules

Compliment any system by providing unclonable devices IDs, Quantum PKI, & Quantum Encryption

Device Authentication

Hardware-based authentication is more secure because the authentication keys are embedded in the hardware and have extremely low requirements on system resources.

Quantum PKIs

Protect communications using a key system simple enough to run on a smart card, yet secure enough to defend against Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)

Ternary Computing

A third state- All computing systems are based on a binary system (1s & 0s). By introducing a third state we negate binary coded threats.

Anti Tamper

Tampered Microelectronics accounts for a $7.5 Billion annual loss to Federal Systems alone. Protect your devices and valuable IP with our security based devices.

Radiation Hardened

All chips are designed using ReRAM arrays, a form of memory inherently hardened to protect against radiation.

Counterfeit Pevention

Track grey market components to ensure a trusted source.

Technology Whitepapers

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Better than AES Encryption

Faster and more secure