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Multi Electron Beam Direct Write (MEBDW)

The only Demonstrated and fully functional MEBDW system

  • Enable Novel Hardware Security
  • Reduce Costs
  • Expedite Development
  • Targeting Advanced Nodes
  • Trusted U.S. Lithography Tool

(Previously at LETI, Domesticated to a U.S., Currently being installed)

Advanced Nodes


Low Volume


Commercialization Successes!


Quantum Random Number Generator

In most, if not all, cryptographic systems, the quality of the random numbers used directly determines the security strength of the system, and influences how difficult it is to attack the system...

Tamper Resistance

The use of Physically Unclonable Functions (PUF) for security features isn't new. Ours just happens to be the best!

  • No Error Correction Code needed
  • Extremely Robust
  • Trusted by the U.S. Military
A futuristic design of an integrated circuit with displays showing source code. The image represents an abstract design in the domain of computing, security, engineering, electronics or similar advanced technology. This image is a made up 3D concept render.

SecureFoundry provides quantum encryption to 5G Zones

XQMsg selects SecureFoundry's NIST qualified Quantum RNG for Indiana's 5G encryption.



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