Secure Supply Chain

SecureFoundry believes a secure microelectronics supply chain is vital for national security, critical infrastructures, and for the United States to remain a global technology leader.

Broad IP Portfolio

We design custom devices and aggregate the most aggressive security technology within our secure ecosystem.


Secure Facilities

We fabricate using the worlds only demonstrated MEBDW system in cleared U.S. facilities.

Cleared Personnel

Our cadre of cleared personnel come from diverse military, industry, and academic backgrounds.

SecureFoundry provides quantum encryption to 5G Zones

XQMsg selects SecureFoundry's NIST qualified Quantum RNG for Indiana's 5G encryption.


Quantum Random Number Generator

In most, if not all, cryptographic systems, the quality of the random numbers used directly determines the security strength of the system, and influences how difficult it is to attack the system...

Multi Electron Beam Direct Write (MEBDW)

The perfect technology for:

  • Low Volume
  • Highly Customization
  • Advanced Nodes

MEBDW Advantages

The only demonstrated and fully functional MEBDW system

  • Enable advanced hardware security
  • Reduce Costs
  • Expedite Development
  • Targeting Advanced Nodes
  • Establish a trusted U.S. manufacturing tool

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