About us...

SecureFoundry is a fast-moving and aggressive technology company focused on bringing to market “over the horizon” technologies.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a secure and unified supply chain with the ability to track the provenance of individual chips, from concept to manufacturing.

We have successfully commercialized:

  • Multi E-Beam Direct Write (MEBDW)
  • Anti-tamper Technology
  • Quantum Encryption

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Critical Infrastructures (Defense, Medical, Financial, Energy, and Autonomous) access to critical technology.

SecureFoundry believes a secure microelectronics supply chain is vital for national security, critical infrastructures, and for the United States to remain a global technology leader.

Microelectronics and semiconductors are now, and will continue to be, an underlying enabler for technical innovation, national security, and economic growth.

The licit and illicit offshoring of intellectual property (IP), research and development (R&D), and production capabilities threaten the ability of U.S. companies to capitalize on market-driving technologies of the future, while opening critical infrastructures to attack.