What We Do

SecureFoundry engages with universities  and industry partners to expedite commercialization of technologies which will provide a competitive edge to our customers while ensuring the intellectual property is protected as it transitions from concept through manufacturing, and on to operational use. We collect full provenance data as a technology makes it way through the commercialization process;

  • Student access/ Patent Filings
  • Secure Design Environments
  • Assured Manufacturing Environments
  • Secure Digital Twins for Semiconductors.


We are a transition partner for universities interested in placing high demand technology into program  use, SBIR awardees seeking a Phase 3 partner, and assist non-traditional contractors with low volume manufacturing.


Many great technologies are already in production. However, they originate from oversea suppliers. New initiatives such as “Delivered Uncompromised” will require these technologies are sourced from assured U.S. suppliers. We partner with technology companies transfer processes to U.S. foundries and manage distribution. 

Partnerships and Processes

SecureFoundry identifies and assesses leaders in emerging technologies– those poised to fill critical security or capability gaps. We work with innovators to craft ideal licensing and distribution agreements.

Once project requirements are identified, we utilize our network of cleared U.S. based engineers to proceed with simulation and design. Engineer are issued access to a secure cloud based design environment preloaded with all necessary EDA tools. Secure cloud based environments capture provenance data, enforce security, and are cleared for ITAR and classified data storage.

To facilitate cost effective low-volume semiconductors we have a well established network of cleared and vetted U.S. based facilities. During manufacturing we employ secure digital twins to track quality, reliance, and security. Digital twins are packaged as part of a devices provenance. 

By integrating previously disparate supply chain verticals, customers are now able to trace a component’s entire provenance from concept to operational use through our private blockchain.


Securing the supply chain and bringing critical technologies to market are high  priorities for the U.S. government. We work to locate funding to offset our customer’s costs, incentivizing organizations to incorporate greater security.