SecureFoundry is a fast-moving and aggressive technology company focused on bringing to market low volume semiconductor manufacturing capabilitiesWe envision ourselves being the enabling technology for all future microelectronic innovations. 

In our origins, we commercialized technology for the US Military. Throughout our journey we discovered significant deficiencies and institutional voids in the microelectronics supply chain, especially low volume. We took it upon ourselves to create a process flow for the underserved segments of the semiconductor market.

We believe our capability will spark an era of commercialization and usher in an exciting new wave of technologies.

Ideal Partners:

  • Universities working on "over the horizon technologies"
  • Small Business needing access to a foundry 
  • Venture Firms focused on semiconductor innovations
  • Corporations developing customized devices

Technologies of interest:

  • Quantum
  • Gaming Mods
  • Crypto
  • Security (PUFs, Anti-Tamper)
  • Medical Scanners
  • Autonomous
  • AI